Privacy Policy

Whenever you access our website from, we have some certainly stuffs, which you must take note. They can be found and read below. So, don’t make any mistake of not recognizing them in case of issues or problems while using our site.

If you have queries regarding them, kindly send a fast message from our contact us page.

Log File

We log visitors using a dedicated app which doesn’t collect any concrete data from the user.
Even all hosting provider have a tool that do this. So, this is not the first website that has it implemented.
It helps us to analyze the location, IP and the number of users online. In some cases, we might get further details like type of device and browser.

Be advised not to turn off any of these if you can. Although we might not have control on how it is been used, but it is important for every site, just like ours.

Third Party Privacy Changes

Our privacy policy does not apply to other websites. Links to other sites here, have their own.
They might look similar or different to what you read. So, in case of issues concerning them, contact their respective support and not us.

You can disable cookies if you don’t want to share information between us and any external site. But be aware that you may never be allowed to use our panel effectively.

Online Privacy Policy Only

The privacy policy of, applies to what you are here for. Any information you collect from other places is not applicable to us. Nevertheless, advertisers have their own policy like we said earlier. We don’t control how there’s works.


If you decide to use anything here, then it means you consent to this privacy policy. This also refers to anyone you share that uses this website.